Hi there, I'm Lindsay! 

Austin-based photographer

I love being outside in any form- camping, swimming, hiking. The natural world brings me a sense of peace that nowhere else can. Waking up underneath a blanket of stars or smelling fresh mountain air are my favorite moments.

I can't live without my friends and family, and I love finding new restaurants around town and traveling to unknown spots. I am a dietitian and also a photographer- I get to use my science brain as a dietitian and use my creativity as a photographer, and using my creative side gives me a strong sense of purpose. I can't imagine life without being able to capture it's awesome moments! 

My one true passion in my work is catching the glimpses of moments that you were least expecting. The subconscious, in-between, feelings of speechless love, giddy excitement, and quiet comfort. For this reason, I focus on capturing your candid, raw moments, rather than stiff, posed photographs. My aim is to show your real love for each other, as you are, your day-to-day. One day you can look back on these photos and be able to come back to the exact time in your lives where you felt this exact way.

I am from the San Francisco Bay Area, but Austin, TX is where I call home. I love a good adventure, and can travel to you. I'd love to be the one to capture your story. Shoot me an email for more information!